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Cathy B. 


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THANK YOU fantastic client participants for continuing to send us pics and proof!

Our passed loved ones are Lightworkers. And I think that at times, we too, are also lightworkers. Lightworkers are the unseen sparks that help create magic in the world.
-Shannon Dee


-Cathy B.
Chalfont, PA

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Cathy's loved ones spoke to us for about 3 hours. Not only did we discover verifiable information regarding secret family ancestry, but Cathy's sister came through to explain why she struggled with certain choices throughout her life.  Cathy exclaimed, "Wow, so many things make sense now. All the pieces fit." 
Her father as well as a grandmother (Nana) came through to share beautiful memories as well as to say thank you for Cathy's love and commitment. 
Both described specific photos down to the detailed dresses, tackle box, and where they were headed in the dark-colored vehicle.  
Cathy was unsure about some of information.  Until she did some digging.  And, as expected, Spirit is always right.  

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-Kristy A.
Gwynedd, PA

“Exactly where you said it would be! I haven’t stopped crying. I’m in shock & so happy. What a gift you’ve given us.”

-Tara S.
Langhorne, PA.

Unfortunately, Tara lost both parents before she even learned to drive.  Tara's mother reminded her about a special sweet 16 necklace given just before she passed.  

She made it clear that she was present at Tara's prom. and described Tara's prom dress, her hair updo, and the pink and white carnations.  In fact, Tara's mom explained she sends Tara carnations as a sign of love. 

During the reading, Tara was certain she had no childhood photos, including anything from her prom.  However, I explained to her that because the memory was shown to me as a photo, I was just as positive the prom photo not only existed, but Tara would be able to locate it.  
Soon after Tara's reading, she realized she needed to look in an old high school box of odds and ends and treasures.  The photo shown here is "spot on" as Tara noted when she emailed me, right down to the pose of her and her date.  And, of course, the carnations. 

I am so very pleased Tara knows her parents were with her not only on that special milestone evening, but she has not walked alone all this time.  Tara is comforted by physical proof her mom and dad are always a breath through the veil away.  They see her.  They hear her. They love her. 
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"I have complete faith in your abilities."
-Beth U.
Telford, PA

You are amazing. Even my skeptical friend became a believer."
-Eileen T.
Chalfont, PA

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