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Book a Reading

Several types of sessions to choose from below:

-Individual (in person) (Warrington, Bucks County, PA)

-Group/Event (in-person) (please contact for location)

-Zoom Video Call (over the computer) (most popular)

-Private Phone Call

TEXT or CALL JEN to INQUIRE/BOOK: 215-680-7693
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Please select one of the Preferred Payment Methods: 

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Individual/Personal Reading  - $90 per person / 1 Hour
Receive precious messages from loved ones who have passed and let's see if the future has anything for you as well.  In person:  Shannon Dee can get energy readings from objects and photos. For objects, please make sure they have not been "used" since your loved one passed so as not to disturb their energy imprint.  For photos, please bring a photo of your loved one that is relatively close to the year in which they passed.  If you do not have that type, Shannon will try with whatever photo you bring. :) 

Group Reading - $60 per person/3-4 hours
(Minimum of 6 people unless specified, Max 9 (6=3 hrs, 8=4 hrs)
We ENCOURAGE excited groups to raise that energy vibe! Witness others' joy, tears of healing, and sheer true amazement as they get "read" then share your experience with your fam & besties!  Group readings create shared memories to talk about for years to come. Fabulous birthday or special event gifts!


Special Events - please contact for price
Special events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and more! Per person rate/flat rates available
For corporate events, Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties

Murders/Cold Cases - please contact for price
We have helped detectives and families of murder victims with cold cases at no charge.
Shannon Dee does NOT charge parents of murdered children to reach
out to that child.  If any other spirit comes through, of course there is
not a charge either.  Shannon is working with several law 
agencies to offer clues which have proven correct, of course. Due to the
demand, we have to temper the number of free cases at one time.  
However, it is Shannon and Jen's goal to offer hope and any minute
measure of healing to parents of these victims as well as any help
requested by law enforcement. Please reach out to us if you would like
us to meet with you. Our hearts are with you, as parents ourselves, and with law enforcement who work diligently to solve cases but sometimes may need a little bit of help to boost their hunches. Or explain some clues.  We will give you whatever time it takes.  We care.  

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Gift Cards- $90 for 1 hour reading
When you enjoyed your reading so much, of course you want to share the joy.  Purchase a gift certificate here.  Voila.  Done!

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