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I bet you have a few questions so I will touch on my story


  • I have always had some abilities but ignored them in favor of a traditional religious upbringing of which I still enjoy in many ways today. 

  • When my Aunt Dolores passed, she immediately appeared to me in dreams, passing along messages for our loved ones in time for her funeral. Since that time, every message Aunt D has sent me has come to fruition, including one that I would team up with her daughter (my cousin) Jennifer, to share this gift of mediumship with others.  


  • As a trained nurse practitioner, I have experienced a lot of hurt and heartache with my patients over the years. It is why I chose not to see impending tragedies/death in my readings.


  • As a veteran with 20 years and a near-death experience during deployment, I can say I have had my cup full of hurt.  I prefer healing, hope, and happiness, thank you. 


  • Sharing messages from loved ones who have crossed, many of whom are just as eager as you are to say they love you, or remind you of a special time that brings much joy to both you, our Client-Participant, Jen and myself. It is a healing and blessing to me as well.


  • With each reading, there has been so much healing, answers, and laughter.  As we say, "You can't make this stuff up."  Quite frankly, if this whole thing had not happened to me, I don't know how much I would have believed it.  After all, I am science gal, religious, and at my age, still asked for my mother's blessing before I embarked on this journey. 




1.  If your loved one(s) send me a message AFTER the reading, YES, I will get it to you or the host if I have contact information.  No, I will not charge an additional fee.  To me, this is an ethical thing. 

2.  Your loved one(s) do not wish to embarrass you. Discretion is used, particularly during group readings. 

3.  I cannot read minds. This is not a scary experience. I do not know nor do I want to know if someone is going to die. 

4.  If I tell you something and you are not sure, don't recall, or it doesn't sound familiar, Spirit is always right. Can't tell you how many times we have been told "no, that's not right" only to get a message later that, in fact, the info was right and they did not know/forgot, etc. Trust us, Spirit is always right. 

5. You are not guaranteed who will come through during a reading, but Shannon has been successful with everyone who has wanted a reading, even if it has not been locating lost items.

6. Shannon can read loved ones photos. Please offer a photo close to the year of death.

7. Shannon can read objects, only if they have not been used, worn or handled frequently by others. One item per person please.


In 2022, My mother finally admitted she has always had feelings about things, just as her mother Doris, also had. 

I was told many times by my paternal grandmother, Zella, that I have  "the eye" but did not understand what the phrase meant. 

My sister, Shawn Marie, always called what we had our "spidey sense". She helped me ask Mom for her blessing to pursue using my gift to offer healing to others. Thank you, Shawnie!


Hi. I'm Shannon,

an empathic psychic medium.

Actually, I'm a lot more than just that,

but this my skill that you're here for, right?


Doris' mother, 
Grandmom Stopfer.
Grandmom Stopfer was a
prolific Tea Reader


This is me, with my mother Helen. 

This photo is of Jen, and her mother (My Aunt Dolores).

Aunt Dolores and I were very close, often joking that we were the black sheep of the family.  Her sarcastic, witty humor made Dolores quite popular in any setting. 


Within a night or two of her passing, Aunt Dolores told me I would use my gift to help others.  She also stated that Jennifer would be my partner in fun as we bring happiness, hope, and answers to many folks in our area.  Aunt D said my gifts would get stronger in time.  Wow, she was not kidding.


Jen is who you speak to when  you book with us.  She literally is the brains of this operation. Jen knows just about everybody in the county.  Her energy is infectious. I'm truly blessed to have her by myside as without Jen, there would be no SDST.  Trust me. She is one of the busiest women I  know, however she handles it all like a pro. Jen is an incredible hair stylist, Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire, loving wife and mother are just a few of her many talents. 

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