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Your favorite hometown empathic psychic medium

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Of course this website and enterprise is for entertainment value only. We do not intend to cure any diseases, offer legal resolutions, or monetary advice. It's all fun, yet my gift is very real. 

Welcome to your past,

your future...


Have you been longing to hear from a loved one who has crossed over? Ever wondered what their memories of you are? Looking for a lost item? Was it murder or not? Will you become a grandparent (soon)? These are some of the questions Shannon often answers for our Client Participants (CPs). Welcome to your future.  Your past. Your answers. 

-Hazel Estherlyn

What is a Client Participant (CP)?


Client Participants (CPs) are our clients, our customers, you. Readings go so much better when people being read engage in the process.  This does NOT mean for you give me the information while I "read your body language".  Those types of mediums are charlatans.

Shannon will ask Yes or No questions. 

shannon 11.HEIC

Get Your Gasp On!


The BEST readings are those in which CPs immerse themselves in the experience. Jen and I fully encourage our guests to clap, gasp, make noise, and react.  The more energy CPs show, the higher the "vibration/energy" in the room.  That energy is what your loved ones grab hold of in order to send a clear message through me to you. So get excited! 

I love it when I am able to deliver names, dates, and places "out of thin air".  This happens when you let your guard down.  I am not a mentalist.  I do not read body language.  You will notice I have my eyes closed throughout most of the readings as it helps me tune out other sounds in the room and "see" more clearly. 

Lets Recap…

You are coming to us for messages, answers, hope, or healing.  The best thing you can do is trust in the process.  Know Spirit is Always Right.  Sometimes information is given but does not sound familiar or "right" but later, that information is validated.  Remember, you may not always recall your parent's/friend's, habits, or where they lived.  They often will offer a photo or piece of information to validate what is being said.  I encourage note-taking, recording, etc.  If our session is via Zoom, my system is designed to automatically record. As long as the technology works, the video is sent to you at NO additional charge.  Any messages I receive after the reading are also sent along for free.  This is regardless of whether we meet in person or via zoom or telephone. I have sent messages to clients over a month after our meeting.  It is all part of what Jen and I do for you. 

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